Shocks & Struts

When the shock absorbers do not work efficiently, the tires lose grip. This leads to a noticeable decrease in safety levels in driving because the tires do not adhere well to the ground and the risk of loss of control in driving is greatly increased.

If the problem is in the shock absorbers, they may be worn or worn, so they should be replaced.

Our mechanics will carefully control your shock absorbers and offer you the best solution to your problem, since they have all the necessary tools and equipment for their repair, regeneration and replacement.

The function of the shock absorbers, as the word itself says, is to “dampen”; that is, absorb all the irregular formations of the terrain. When this characteristic decreases, the stability of the vehicle is compromised and then the repair or replacement of the shock absorbers should be considered.

There is no mileage limit in which it is advisable to carry out this operation, but it is advisable to periodically check that all the mechanical and electronic parts, as well as the electronic devices of our vehicle, are intact and in operation.

The control of the shock absorbers is part of the revision, for this reason it is convenient to have them checked periodically.

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